Forbidden Love – Johannes (Story 1) Walkthrough

08 Aug

[20 out of 20 Best Answers; All Answers Listed]


LOVE = Current Love Meter
Points = Increases to the Love Meter
CP = Capsule Points (Minigame)

[Refer to Johannes (Story 2) Walkthrough instead]

[Main Story and Ending Spoilers]

Chapter 1
“Was it?” (50 points)

Chapter 2
I’m so happy! (50 points)

Secret Story
Required: 60+ LOVE

Chapter 3
Sorry, I was thinking about something else. (50 points)

Chapter 4
Of course not! (50 points)

Chapter 5
Yeah, sort of…… (50 points)

Chapter 6
Your ex-girlfriend’s picture. (50 points)

Chapter 7
I’m getting along somehow. (50 points)

Secret Story
Required: 230+ LOVE

Chapter 8
There are lots of things. (50 points)

Chapter 9
Does it hurt? (50 points)

Chapter 10
Decided to ask Johannes about it. (50 points)

Chapter 11
It’s nothing. (50 points)

Secret Story
Required: 400+ LOVE

Chapter 12
……That makes me really happy. (50 points)

Chapter 13
Impossible (50 points)

Secret Story
Required: 480+ LOVE

Chapter 14
I’ll wait for you. (50 points)

Chapter 15
It’s too dangerous! (50 points)

Chapter 16
We can’t take this. (50 points)

Chapter 17
Just you, Johannes. (50 points)

Chapter 18
I’m crazy hungry! (50 points)

Secret Story
Required: 700+ LOVE

Chapter 19
No! I’ll never marry him! (50 points)

Chapter 20
I don’t want to give up. (50 points)

All Ending Stories: 1000+ LOVE
Happy End: 800+ LOVE
Another End: 600+ LOVE
Normal End: no requirement

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Here is the recently added Happy End CG, but, seeing as CGs have never had a save option in this game, I cannot provide the full illustration.

I am amused that I was the only verbal person rushing through Johannes’ route on KC. I wasn’t planning on posting this, but now that I have completed Johannes’ 1st Story I figured that I might as well drop this here. The admin/mods on KC might not update the main post with the answers I gave for a while, anyway.

I linked spoilers for the full story and every end at the top of this post. I also typed out FL character descriptions (based on the English version only) for no reason around a month ago, but I need to get my real computer working to refine it some more. By the random way, anyone who wants to get more CP (I don’t like referring to “Capsule Points” as “LOVE.”) from the minigame can just restart the application before the screen switches from the high scores page. I keep seeing that people are searching for minigame cheats, but that is as close to a cheat as you can get.

If you have questions about the game or see any mistakes, you can contact me on this site, my Tumblr, or through Kokoro Cafe.


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One response to “Forbidden Love – Johannes (Story 1) Walkthrough

  1. DManne Queen

    April 23, 2014 at 8:06 am

    I forgot to say thank you for posting Johannes walkthrough. I had played Johanne’s immediately after i finished Robert’s. I thought there’s no available walkthrough since it was just released. Thanks again.


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